Wounded Heroes Ride

Each year, the Wounded Heroes Foundation (WHF) organizes and sponsors a motorcycle ride from Chicago to one of many military bases and medical centers throughout the country. Riders and other supporters deliver care packages, friendship and emotional support to recovering military personnel, while raising funds to support the ongoing mission of WHF. Additionally, we provide a luncheon for recovering military personnel and their family while providing entertainment. Previous rides have visited Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Camp Lejeune, Fort Knox, Fort Campbell, and many more. 


Our care packages include items that have been personally requested over the years. When we asked our brave Wounded Heroes what they needed, these were some of the answers we received:

  • "Every once in a while, we like to get out of the robes, and some of us with leg wounds can't get pants on that well, so shorts help a lot.""
  • ""The hospital supplies the usual hospital gowns which are very breezy.""
  • ""Maybe bags that can attach to something for the guys on crutches, it sucks when you don't have a free hand anymore.""
  • ""Boxer shorts medium to large. As you know hospitals don't believe in underwear""
  • ""Teva style sandals are nice, it beats walking around in the footies.""
  • ""Real toothbrushes and toothpaste will help.""
  • ""Something to carry our gear in.""
  • ""Actual regular razors, not the disposable stuff the hospital gives, it chews our faces up.""
  • ""Personal hygiene bags would be nice, because otherwise the guys won't have anything to hold their stuff in when they move on from the hospital.""
  • ""Soap, shaving cream, Q-tips (for the dust!).""

We have received many thank you letters from our brave soldiers for the care packages and what it meant to them to receive them. Below are their words.

  • "I would like to thank you for the care package that you sent me and my fellow soldiers here at Walter Reed. Just so you know it means a lot to us sick and hurt soldiers.""
  • "It is really hard to be away from family and friends when you are sick and hurt but your gift hit the spot."
  • "I to have a son who is fighting for the freedom and cause and I know it will make him feel good to know someone is caring for his father."
  • "On behalf of my son PFC William Burris I would like to thank you it was a real blessing for him to receive the personnel care items when he was at BAMC."
  • "I would like to thank you for taking the time in putting this care package together for me."


We are always in need of letters from adults and children to accompany our care packages. Please remember that our service personnel of the past, present and future are the HEART OF AMERICA and without them, we would not be free.

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