Veterans Assistance Links

This page contains links and other information to be utilized by Wounded Veterans in need of assistance. There are many foundations like the WHF which provide support to those brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. This page is an attempt to centralize as much information as possible.

Warrior Care - another website created to get Wounded Veterans the help they need. - created to provide create interactions for veterans and employers, much like a standard career fair, only in a virtual environment. Veterans can utilize the website to look for jobs, contact employers and submit resumes. WHF sponsor TCF National Bank will be participating from 4/29/10 to 5/30/10. Click here for the TCF booth!

National Resource Directory - The NRD provides access to more than 11,000 services and resources at the national, state and local levels that support recovery, rehabilitation and community reintegration.

Department of Defense - remain current on all DOD activities, including programs that may impact Veterans.

Illinois Warrior - provides confidential assistance to Illinois Veterans and their families as they transition back to their everyday lives after serving our country. Also has a 24 hour helpline - 1-866-544-IWAP.

Hero Miles - provides free airplane tickets to soliders on leave as well as tickets for the family members of wounded soldiers undergoing treatments at military hospitals.

Army Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline - was created to offer wounded and injured Soldiers and family members a way to seek help with medical issues and to provide access for Soldiers with medically related issues directly to senior Army leadership so they can improve how Army serves the medical needs of our Soldiers and their families. The number is 1-800-984-8523.

Veterans & Mesothelioma - Among all those individuals in the United States stricken with mesothelioma cancer, veterans represent the group of people with the highest rate of the disease. The reason why is Asbestos was used by the U.S. military on hundreds of applications from 1930-1980. This website ws created to raise awareness about asbestos exposure and provide information about both asbestos usage and mesothelioma.

Wounded Warrior Resource Center - Provided by the US DoD, this is a telephone number and e-mail address to report concerns with military facilities, health care services, benefits information, and any other difficulties encountered during the recovery process. Servicemembers can call (800) 342-9647 or e-mail 24/7 to request support. Specially-trained consultants will identify the appropriate ""warm hand-off"" to either a military service or federal agency with authority to resolve the matter. PLEASE NOTE: The assistance provided by the resource center does not replace the specialized wounded warrior programs established by each of the military services but does offer another avenue of assistance with military facilities, health care services, and/or benefits information.

Veteran Tickets Foundation - This organization provides Free Tickets to Veterans, Active Duty Military and their families for major sporting events, including MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL games. Click the link for additional information


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